Why You Need Home Title Insurance

Home title insurance is an insurance policy which protects both the home owner and the lender from possible known or unknown defects of the title before and during the time of sale. There are several unpleasant problems that could happen to a home title. To mention a few, one could forge a signature to a deed and convey the property to another party; the existence of a mortgage lien could be unidentified by creditors due to the lack of legal descriptions of a mortgaged property; or a deed could be reprehensibly recorded due to faulty legal description.

Whether it concerns refinancing a home or purchasing a new home, home title insurance is important to the homebuyer and the lender to ensure there are no major problems or risks. Mortgage lenders assign a lien to the property being mortgaged in case the homebuyer is no longer able to pay for the property. In this respect, the lien will ensure that the property has a clean title and is free of complications. For the homebuyer, home title insurance will protect their title from potential defects until they resell or refinance their home.

Home title insurance, unlike any other insurance coverage, does not have a monthly paid premium. The premium is paid only during settlement and the coverage will last until resale or refinancing of the property. In events of property disputes, the homebuyer is safely covered for any expenses that might result from such situations.

Homes are entities where many would consider as a nesting place, however obtaining such a sense of security can be costly and nerve-wracking. Home title insurance relives homeowners and homebuyers from stress and uncertainty. There are several home title insurance providers in America. FNC Title Services, LLC, founded by Ali Farahpour, is one of the country’s leading title companies that can provide safe and secure home title insurance.

FNC Title considers service as the root philosophy of their company, ensuring security of the titles of their valued customers. From title search, preparation for the closing of sale, conducting of the closing, safekeeping of documents and issuing title policies, FNC Title promises to provide their utmost effort and performance. 


About alifarahpour

Ali Farahpour is the founder and president of FNC Title Services, LLC. Farahpour has nearly 20 years of experience in residential and commercial real estate settlements, with a focus on serving senior citizens through home equity conversion mortgage (“HECM”) transactions. He is a resident title insurance producer for Maryland and in addition holds several individual title insurance licenses throughout the country. More recently, Mr. Farahpour focused his skills on serving the reverse mortgage industry. In 2007 he founded FNC Title Services, LLC, a multi-state title insurance agency that specializes in closing HECM transactions. As a means to better serve his clients, Mr. Farahpour developed on-line systems that allow FNC clients to generate fees, GFEs and open and track title orders. Clients are able to close loans throughout the nation and are guided by specific FNC divisions dedicated to reverse mortgages. Mr. Farahpour runs FNC Title Services, LLC from its corporate headquarters in Rockville, Maryland and lives with his family in Bethesda, Maryland. You can read more about FNC at www.fnctitle.com
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